Our drilling and water pump installation services include:

  • Rotary air-percussion drilling, odex drilling
  • Drilling of boreholes from 152mm to 165mm up to 400 meters
  • Drilling of wide diameter boreholes up to 330mm
  • Profession installation of casing, screens and gravel-pack
  • Scientific yield test pumping
  • New pump installations
  • Removal and re-installation of pumps
  • Collection of water samples
  • Geo-technical drilling
  • Monitoring boreholes

Delivering a service that can be completed within a short time; the knowledge and experience of the drill team and the quality of work stand out against their direct competition in the market. The willingness to provide the service beyond normal hours and availability management service stand out above others. Our machinery is in excellent working condition and our management expertise is on site.

We, have the privilege to have the assistance of the drilling team with expertise of more than 35 years. The knowledge of the team and the client base that was built up over all these years, make Country Wide Drilling a competitor in this field. Their loyalty and passion for the business make them a winning combination. Each individual of the team is a specialist in the work he is doing.

Country Wide Drilling’s office is located in Bellville and in Kareedouw in the Eastern Cape. Country Wide Drilling’s operations, however, are not limited to these provinces only, as we service the whole of South Africa.




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